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Escape under the stars with this dreamy 3 mini candle set. Each 2 oz candle is comprised of a premium soy wax blend and fine fragrance oils (all are Prop 65 approved). Each candle comes complete with a premium cotton wick which burns cleanly for 40-50 hours.


Scents Included:

S T A R G A Z I N G: 

Notes: Mandarin + Vetiver

Lying on the cool grass under meteor showers. Stars dash against the dark blue atmosphere. All things wild have gone to sleep. Mandarin, vetiver root, and sandalwood.


D R I E D   C E D A R   +   M O S S:

Sun-dried cedar warms the air, woodland moss bakes in the sun, ripe ginger root, pimento berry, a pinch of spice.


P A L O   S A N T O:

Notes: Sandalwood, Red Clay, Oats, Vetiver, Smoke

Wind blows through linen curtains from a sill left ajar. Palo santo wood - lit, left burning on a ceramic tile lounging on the corner of a stone mantle. The breeze wafting smoke around the room, chasing spirits away and allowing specks of dust to catch light by dawn.



Overall Gift Box Size: 6.4" L X 2.75" W X 2.13" H

Individual Box Size: 2" L X 2" W X 2.7" H

Individual Candle Size: 2" D X 2.5" H

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review