Every scent has a curated vision. Read about what inspired each fine crafted fragrance…

N O R T H  C O L L E C T I O N



“Woods have an unaltered and natural state to them. Resins, saps, fallen trees being swallowed by soil combine with the wind that cuts through new buds on branches colide to make for a fetching fragrance.”



“I remember the dewy and prickly grass irritating my skin as I laid beneath the stars on an airy summer evening. I remember hearing the water rustling and wind ripping through the dried out shrub and wondering to myself how I could replicate such a peaceful moment so I could bring it with me anywhere. The smells of mandarin, vetiver, sandalwood and sage came together to form the first ever scent of True Hue.”


S P L I T  R O C K

“There was always something magical about the Split Rock lighthouse that made the drive worth it. Perhaps it was the ocean like size of Lake Superior that had me in awe, or the mysterious nature of the light house itself piercing the fog with its radiant beam. The smell of cedar wood trees, tobacco like grit from the exposed rocky cliffs, and warm ale bring back that sweet place in nature.”


B L O O D  M O O N

“An artist at heart, the colorful changing of the seasons was always my favorite. As temperatures drop and the fireplace again became a cozy dwelling, I would dance to Stevie Nicks while looking out the window at night hoping I might see a witch flying by.”


S K I N N Y  D I P P I N G

“Building a fire is a true northerner’s talent. Friends gather around the heat while sharing stories that often result in laughter, truths and dares which then turned to running and jumping into dark water.”


F O R E S T  F E R N

“With little to do and a lot of space to roam, I often found myself venturing through forests. Exploring dirt paths and wheat fields, the smell of sharp greens remains reminiscent of growing up in the North.”



S I G N A T U R E  C O L L E C T I O N

T A N G E R I N E  +  O L I V E

“Evocative of somewhere on the coast of a body of water. Fresh air, bright citrus flavors, greens of all kinds surrounding makes for a contemplative and complex fragrance.”


D R I E D  C E D A R  +  M O S S

“Just something woodsy wasn’t going to cut it for this scent. As a fan of natural, smoky scents, I didn’t want to create something that was going to get lost amongst other options. It’s a journey beginning with a strong base note of cedar, is cut with the zest of ginger, and is sweetened at the end with pimento berry.”


C R U S H E D  S A L T  +  M I S T

“The epitome of fresh. Think chartered voyage with sprays of water and waves clapping against ragged stone. I don’t create a lot of scents like this, but when I do, this is always what I come back to to draw inspiration.”


B E R G A M O T  +  B L A C K  T E A

“A true balance of the senses. Light citrusy, sweet complimented by dark, deep, and tart. This scent is great with a morning coffee to get the day going and is also perfect for unwinding in the evening when a more sultry atmosphere is desired.”


C O C O N U T  +  L E M O N G R A S S

“Laying under palm trees, coconuts hanging overhead and the sound of brush swaying in the breeze. I didn’t want this scent to feel tropical, but rather a more intricate blend. Something less standard or ‘off the shelf’ and instead be something a bit more dynamic and sexy.”



“Lavender is timeless. This take on lavender has the classic feel of fresh lavender buds and is paired with dried chamomile and white sage. There is nothing quite like slipping your feet into freshly washed, crisp linens and just a whiff brings you there.”



S O I R É E  C O L L E C T I O N

Inspired by grand gatherings, the Soirée Collection is composed of sophisticated and compelling fragrances for the home. Reflecting on the various spots by which soirées can occur, each scent mirrors a particular space in time.  


“A towel wrapped around shoulders, running barefoot to greet a cool body of water is the vision. Its cleanliness is bright with citrus notes and is gritty like a ponds surroundings.”

Picture Painting Poem: “Shadows cast by bottles of sparkling water rest on Turkish towels tucked under yellow striped umbrellas. Lotus flowers on lily pads, oak moss under willows. A cool, blue pond - a private lagoon.”


R O S A D O 

“Representing both roses and rosé, this scent wraps floral notes with the woodland nature by which roses are plucked and tops off with a the airiness of champagne.”

Picture Painting Poem: “Pages turn under the afternoon’s restless sun when evening calls. Calling through doorways with pink light - then blue. Music mixes with clinks and chatters as roses are plucked from the garden adds strewn throughout each room.”


S T .  M A L O

“St. Malo, France is where we set the stage. On a cliff, wind blowing, grasses swaying, and stunning architecture all around. It’s a modern scent formulated by pulling inspiration from a traditional way of life.”

Picture Painting Poem: “A getaway poised on a cliff overhand where violets sway. Decrepit is the architecture. Limestone cracks in its facade - a tower. Warm anise bread commands attention from the kitchen. Oil lanterns illuminate a courtyard run rampant by vines of honeydew.”


P A L O  S A N T O 

“Cleansing with smoke to evacuate spiritual clutter. I didn’t want to extract oil from this already endangered wood, so instead we have crafted a scent evocative of a more wearable and softer palo santo.”

Picture Painting Poem: “Wind blows through linen curtains from a sill left ajar. Palo santo wood - lit, left burning on a ceramic tile lounging on the corner of a stone mantle. The breeze wafting smoke around the room, chasing spirits away and allowing specks of dust to catch light by dawn.”



H O L I D A Y  C O L L E C T I O N

F I R  N E E D L E

“There’s nothing quite like balsam fir to set the mood for the holiday season. The redolence of evergreen brings about feelings of clarity, freshness, and tradition.”


S P I C E D  M U L E

“A holiday go-to. Spiced Mules are the flair every gathering needs. You can dress them up or dress them down - either way and every way, they’re jolly.”



- Griffin Overbye, C.E.O | Owner