Every scent has a curated vision. Read about what inspired each fine crafted fragrance…

N O R T H  C O L L E C T I O N

S P L I T  R O C K

The Split Rock lighthouse carries a beautiful and mysterious persona that makes the visit worth while. Perhaps it is the ocean like size of Lake Superior or its stunning and intricate lens that captivates its viewers. The smell of cedar wood trees, earthy and gritty tobacco expressed in the air, and warm ale at your fingers brings back this sweet and rugged place in nature.



Twilight is a time for reflection; a time to catch your breath. It’s sweet, soft, and moody. Sweetness is reflected through ripe and fizzy fruit, softness through sandalwood and moody by means of damp bay leaf. This scent feels like home.




Woods have an unaltered and natural state to them. Resins, saps, fallen trees being swallowed by soil combine with the wind that cuts through new buds on branches collide to make for a fetching fragrance.



Reminicent of dewey grass, water washing over shoreline and wind ripping through dried out shrub on airy summer evenings. Smells of mandarin, vetiver, sandalwood and sage come together to form the first ever scent of True Hue.


B L O O D  M O O N

Formulated as an ode to the changing of the seasons. As temperatures drop and the fireplace again becomes a cozy dwelling, notes of Stevie Nicks dance around the room while gazing out the window to the night sky hoping to catch a witch flying by.


S K I N N Y  D I P P I N G

Building a fire is a true northerner’s talent. Friends gather around the heat while sharing stories that often result in laughter, truths and dares which then turned to running and jumping into dark water.


F O R E S T  F E R N

A vivacious fragrance with hints of dirt paths, wheat fields and the smell of sharp, herbaceous greens. A fragrance indicative of new life, growth, and wonder for natures talent.



S I G N A T U R E  C O L L E C T I O N

B A Y B E R R Y  +  B I R C H

Petrichor, the smell in the air produced after rain fall, was the catalyst for formulating this deeply layered and sophisticated scent. Bayberry and fig create a depth of freshness while birchwood, vetiver and musk bring a clean woodiness to this timeless fragrance.


D R I E D  C E D A R  +  M O S S

Warmth is at the core of this soft and mildly smoky scent. It is a journey beginning with a strong base note of cedar that is cut by the zest of ginger, and is sweetened with pimento berry.


C R U S H E D  S A L T  +  M I S T

The epitome of fresh. Think chartered voyage with sprays of water and waves clapping against ragged stone. Pine, green leaves and lilly of the valley blend to create a euphoric mist.


B E R G A M O T  +  B L A C K  T E A

A true balance of the senses. Light citrus is complimented by dark, deep, and tart. There is a duality that comes with this scent. It is both bright and easy going and also sultry and pervasive.



S O I R É E  C O L L E C T I O N

Inspired by grand gatherings, the Soirée Collection is composed of sophisticated and compelling fragrances for the home. Reflecting on the various spots by which soirées can occur, each scent mirrors a particular space in time.  


Born through the inspiration provided by music, Juliette balconies, night-time attire, and smells suitable for evening gatherings, Santal evokes a sense of brightness with a classic tone.

Picture Painting Poem: “Golden hour strikes again while waiting for dusk to arrive. Smoked out sunset in view. Violet leaves in glass vases sleep on cedar planks. Warm spice lingers in the air for one last song.



M A R I N E R ' S  A P A R T M E N T

A space on a coast where it's too hot to wear anything but linen and everything is coated in a layer of crisp sea wave. Uniqueness is at the core of this fresh and sophisticated fragrance.

Picture Painting Poem: “A salty sanctum, a dwelling full of stone washed linens, an oasis in shades of blue. Where white waves go crashing on tired land and sailors toss their wishes to the sea like coins over their shoulders as they cast their view towards Xanadu.



A towel wrapped around shoulders, running barefoot to greet a cool body of water is the illusion. Its cleanliness is bright with citrus notes and is gritty like a ponds surroundings.

Picture Painting Poem: “Shadows cast by bottles of sparkling water rest on Turkish towels tucked under yellow striped umbrellas. Lotus flowers on lily pads, oak moss under willows. A cool, blue pond - a private lagoon.”



P A L O  S A N T O 

Cleansing with smoke to evacuate spiritual clutter. A softer fragrance, Palo Santo was crafted to be a more wearable and complex scent.

Picture Painting Poem: “Wind blows through linen curtains from a sill left ajar. Palo santo wood - lit, left burning on a ceramic tile lounging on the corner of a stone mantle. The breeze wafting smoke around the room, chasing spirits away and allowing specks of dust to catch light by dawn.”



H O L I D A Y  C O L L E C T I O N

Available September - January

B A L S A M   F R O S T

Cool and fresh ozone notes mixed with balsam to give you a holiday classic. This scent is bright, unique and distinctively reminiscent of winter wonderlands.


S W I S S   C O F F E E

This fragrance isn’t your average coffee scent: It is deeply layered. Cedarwood gives this scent a soft woody tone. Coriander, mandarin, cream and a pinch of vanilla give this scent a soft and luxurious edge.


B Y   T H E   F I R E

Inspired by the room where fireplaces lay. The smell of old books, smoky embers and wooden furniture fills the air. “Comforting” is at the root of this scent. Homey and warm.


F I R  N E E D L E

There’s nothing quite like balsam fir to set the mood for the holiday season. The redolence of evergreen brings about feelings of clarity, freshness, and tradition.


S P I C E D  M U L E

A holiday go-to. Spiced Mules are the flair every gathering needs. You can dress them up or dress them down - either way and every way, they’re jolly.


G O L D E N  W O O D S

Walks in early evening during sun fall when golden light lays its glow on all that surrounds is the stage for this warm fragrance. It has a magnetic quality reminiscent of a trail of campfire smoke that weaves through trees met by the fallen apples at your feet who’s smell is now pungent.